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Why is the hardest part of concrete finding it? The Ready Set Pour Platform is a FREE app that connects contractors to concrete suppliers by finding the closest concrete batch plants to your project in less than a second. Ready Set Pour has done all the painstaking research to find and verify the information on every known concrete company and provide a plant map which includes all batch plant location and contact information. Utilizing the closest plant location will enable you to better service your project and limit the expenses of delivery, resulting in the best value for the contractor and the material producer.

“Ready Set Pour is like Uber for concrete. I’ve been waiting for something like this!” - Alejandro Solis of Quick Set Concrete

Watch this entertaining video to see how Ready Set Pour can benefit your concrete business.


Ready Set Pour has one mission – to create efficiency through concrete communication.

This unique and easy-to-use web & mobile application utilizes an intuitive mapping solution, a project management dashboard, real-time communication, and bilingual functionality to simplify the procurement process and reduce human error.

Our intuitive analytics system uses time-stamped project data and metrics to create reports which increase the transparency of operations and creates scalable results for your company.

Our one-of-a-kind platform facilitates award-winning customer service by minimizing phone calls and miscommunication, allowing efficiencies in quoting, scheduling, and delivery. New projects can be created and rescheduled in considerably less time than it takes to call it in.

We are committed to partnering with industry leaders in construction software, education, and trade associations to continue pioneering world-class project communication technologies and analytics, benefitting suppliers, contractors, vendors, and trade consultants.

Let's Increase Efficiency and Revenue for Your Concrete Business

Why Use Ready Set Pour?

With Ready Set Pour’s plant map, that provides accurate and comprehensive contact information, your project information will be complete and delivered into the correct hands every time.

Documented and timestamped data helps remove the human error during communication of project details.

Documenting your pours comes with a huge benefit: DATA. Processed through our intuitive analytics system, your data delivers meaningful reports today, improving your tomorrow.

Increased efficiency and better communication lead to larger bottom lines. Who doesn’t like that?

How Does Your Business Fit In?

A contractor within the Ready Set Pour Application is a company which orders and purchases ready mixed concrete for delivery to project locations. Additionally the company must be registered with your Secretary of State and be verifiable through phone call verification and/or reference checks.
A supplier within the Ready Set Pour Application is a company whose primary business is the sales and delivery of ready mixed concrete to project locations. Additionally the company must be registered with your Secretary of State and be verifiable through phone call verification and/or reference checks.
A consultant within the Ready Set Pour Application is an individual or company who is directly involved with the concrete trade during the construction process. There are no requirements that an individual or organization be registered with your Secretary of State in order to be approved as a consultant, however, all accounts must be verifiable through phone call verification and/or reference checks.

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Meet Our Team

Michael Ingle

CEO / Founder

20+ Years in Business Leadership & Growth • Over a Decade of Concrete Construction Experience • Entrepreneurial Mindset and Motivation Behind the Ready Set Pour Vision • Appearance on ABC's Shark Tank

Brent Brewster

Director of Operations

20+ Years in Business Operations • Extensive Background in Construction Operations • Expertise in Communications, Estimating, Project Management, UI Programming, and Technology Integration

Doyle Clemmons


40+ Years of Business Experience • Experienced in Strategic Brand Management • Vast Insights Into Employee, Business, and Consumer Engagement • Specializes in New Business and Market Development • Experience Overseeing all mobile platform software technologies to build out mobile platforms, digitize into a business & monetize at a rapid pace

Brian McCauley

Application Sales & Support

20+ Years in Consumer Products for Companies with Annual Revenues Over $100M • Expertise in Sales, Marketing, New Business Development, and Strategic Planning • Strong Talent with Excellent Customer Service Skills

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