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User Dashboard 

  • This is the user’s dashboard or “home screen” which is utilized to view, edit or archive all projects input or added
  • Across the top is the user’s company name, a link to the company dashboard (suitcase), the users pour calendar link which is based on the jobs within their user dashboard, and an add new project button (green plus)
  • There are three main project status definitions on this page from top to bottom     (in progress, pending, and history)
  • Within the projects in progress are projects where the supplier has been selected, scheduled, in progress of pouring, or have been completed but not closed out
  • Pending projects consist of new projects that have been submitted for quotation or where the supplier has not yet been selected
  • History is a collective archive of completed pours and projects. This archive includes a record all pour details of each pour throughout a project
  • Across the bottom of the page is a quick access menu for a user’s dashboard, project notifications, messages, and user/company profile information



Create a New Project

  • This page is broken into three types of content; location information, pour information, and consultant information
  • In location information the contractor will enter the project name, physical address (text input, location recognition, or pin drop), approximate first pour start date and job site photo (optional camera roll upload)
  • In the pour information the contractor will enter the placement type, volume, PSI, pour rate, slump, air/no air, and specification documents upload.  Multiple pours can be entered at project creation.
  • In the consultant information section the contractor will select from known consultants from previous projects, or search by name/email/phone number. Unrecognized consultants will be sent a invite link to join the app (through text or email) in order to view the project that they are attached to.



Quotation Dashboard

  • This page will populate all suppliers able to service the user’s specific project based on the project address. This page is accessed by selecting the project in the pending projects area of the user’s dashboard
  • Pin will reflect the project location and the green tags will reflect the plant distance from the project
  • Green drums reflect the supplier’s ratings
  • The mileage listed is from plant to project location
  • As quotes arrive a price (lowest PSI requested) and an “accept” button will appear beside the supplier’s name
  • Pressing the supplier’s name will open a quote details pop-up with additional quote details and pricing




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